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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 7, 2015, 3:56 PM

Okay, so I need to renew my membership soon, plus I'm also helping out a group to get a custom journal skin, so, I'll be doing commissions again

Commissions Open [BOWS] by SakuraMelodiiRequests Closed [BOWS] by SakuraMelodiiArt Trades CLOSED [BOWS] by SakuraMelodii
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
Drawing You a Group Applications
sealkit|osac|male by cartilajnico | tec | high asten by cartilaj{tec app} |Eshe| by cartilaj
Requirements: There will be no complex shading and it must be for a canine, feline, and maybe even an equine/deer group. So, no humans, please! Anyways, be specific about what you want and reference is always appreciated.
See examples above!
Price: These can range from 50-70 depending on the complexity of the character design and if you'd like them to be in any kind of specific pose. If it's for the group The-Empty-City the application will be at a reduced price/free.
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
Little 2D pixel drawings
pixel love by cartilaj[tec] pixel sibera! by cartilajcommission | sunsetwishes by cartilaj
Requirements: It's going to be small and flat, so it needs to be fairly simple. I can draw pretty much most things, but animals would be preferred. See the examples above!
Price: 5-10 points depending on the complexity of character.
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
Drawing with Background
[old design] Rising Storm [Eshe] by cartilaj[tec] Golden Sea [activity check] by cartilajtec | come clean by cartilaj[jax/nolan] insults by cartilaj[fanart] if this is love by cartilaj
Requirements: A drawing (full body or 3/4, unless requested otherwise) with a simple background. Complex backgrounds are 15 points extra. Additional characters are 10 points extra. Shading costs 10 points extra (unless I'm feeling generous and do it for free). References required. Can do binary/pixel and non binary.
See examples above!
Price: Ranges from 50-100 depending on complexity of the character design and background.
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
Head Shots and Bust Drawings
tec | sun shard tracker | eshe/nico by cartilajtec | aurora | icon test by cartilaj{kkt} I have acquired the goods by cartilajpoint adopt | fayette by cartilaj
Requirements: Will usually be small to medium, depending on what is asked. Simple, with little to no shading. Extra characters cost 5 points each. References required. Can do binary and non binary.
See examples above!
Price: Price ranges from 5-40 points, depends on what is asked.
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
Traditional Headshot/Bust
[OC] Caligula by cartilaj{ts} Pharos Sketches {o1} by cartilaj
Requirements: Will be a bust or head short drawing. Outlined or penciled will be up to you. Either markers or colored pencils (simple shading). Pencil sketches will be relatively clean and colorless. Reference Required.
See examples above!
Price:Traditional drawings with color vary from 20-40 points depending on complexity. Pencil sketches vary from 5-15 points.
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
[mtg] garruk relentless [wip] by cartilaj
Requirements:This is the big kahuna. This includes a colored and detailed drawing with shading. These usually take time depending on the size and complexity of the drawing.
See examples above
Price: Due to the fact that these are very time consuming, these can cost anywhere from 600-1,000 points depending on complexity. If you'd like, I could mail the original print to you for an additional 200 points, given that you reside in the U.S.
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
1) Note me what you would like, be as descriptive as possible and reference of any characters would be much appreciated.
2) Nothing sexual, please.
3) Uh...
4) Payments either before or after the work is done.
Bows divider 2 by SakuraMelodii
pixel button - unpaid by puucheii//pixel button - paid by puucheii
pixel pink progress bar - 0 by puucheii//pixel pink progress bar - 1 by puucheii//pixel pink progress bar - 2 by puucheii//pixel pink progress bar - 3 by puucheii//pixel pink progress bar - 4 by puucheii

SunsetWishes//2D pixel//pixel button - paid by puucheii//pixel pink progress bar - 4 by puucheii

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My home is famous for their fires. Such as bonfires, hearth fires, wild fires, dragon fires, sacrificial fires etc. So I’m glad you came as a volunteer.  Now which one would you prefer?

The sacrificial fire or the dragon fire? Human sacrifices are so hard to find these days, especially ones that volunteer. Thank you so much for the fave.

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It's nothing you did!
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